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Tungsten carbide nozzle

Item: highhardnessandwear-resistancetungstencarbidewaterjetnozzle (1)Uniqueadvantageoftungstencarbidewaterjetnozzle 1.Adoptsupermicrongrainsize,whichcanresultin betterwear-reseistanceandlongerlifespan. 2.Contentofcobalt:below0.6%. 3.Superoxygen-resistant 4.UsingHIPsinteringwhichcanincreasetheperformanceofcarbidegreatly. 5.PrecisionGroundandpolished (2)Physiccharacterof tungstencarbidewaterjetnozzle 1.Longlifespan: 80hrsforfinishgrinding,140hrsforroughgrinding 2.Density:15.45g/cm3—15.60g/cm3 3.Hardness:2000Mpa-2400Mpa 4.thetoleranceofpolishandgroundcanbe+0.005/-0.005m 5.Others (3)Applicationof tungstencarbidewaterjetnozzle: 1.Metalcutting 2.Ceramiccutting 3.Stonecutting 4.Glasscutting 5.Others
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Product description
Item:  high hardness and wear-resistance tungsten carbide waterjet nozzle
(1) Unique advantage of tungsten carbide waterjet nozzle
1. Adopt supermicron grain size, which can result in  better wear-reseistance and longer life span.
2. Content of cobalt: below 0.6%.
3. Super oxygen-resistant
4. Using HIP sintering which can increase the performance of carbide greatly.
5. Precision Ground and polished
(2)Physic character of  tungsten carbide waterjet nozzle
1. Long life span:  80 hrs for finish grinding, 140hrs for rough grinding
2. Density:15.45g/cm3 —15.60 g/cm3
3. Hardness:2000Mpa-2400Mpa
4. the tolerance of polish and ground can be +0.005/-0.005m
5. Others
(3) Application of  tungsten carbide waterjet nozzle:
1. Metal cutting
2.Ceramic cutting
3.Stone cutting
4.Glass cutting
5. Others
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